First Class Entertainment Since 1985

The last thing you want to worry about on the day of your wedding is the DJ.

Will he be professional? Will he be set up by the time you arrive? Will he be entertaining? Will he come in a tux? Does he have back-up equipment? Will the equipment even work? Will he be able to keep the guests involved? Will he pronounce your mother-in-law’s name correctly?

With VIP you’ll never have to worry about any of this. Our staff will take care of every little detail you can imagine. You’ll immediately feel at ease when we first meet, usually months before your wedding. It’s here where we’ll ask a lot of questions and more importantly, listen. Then, based on your answers and our years of experience, we’ll tailor a program just for you.

We’re very comfortable and highly experienced in organizing all the festivities including introductions, parents' dances, cutting the cake and even convincing your Aunt Mary to come out and join in the latest group dances.

The bottom-line is that we understand how important the entertainment is at every special event. We listen to your ideas, make recommendations, and then design an entertainment package just the way you want.

So whether you desire an all-out celebration, a quiet romantic evening or something in between, VIP can help.


As much as we’re proud to say that VIP has become a very rewarding business venture, the gratification of each and everyone of our customers is what really matters most to us.

Much of our growth has been due to the positive word-of-mouth marketing from past customers. And although we’ve tossed around the idea of expanding our company many times, we’ve made a conscious decision to remain small so we can continue to provide the highest level of personalized service and individual attention you so well deserve. Remember, bigger does not always mean better.

Be assured, too, that every one of our DJs has been trained in every aspect of entertainment including song selections, professionalism and even the latest dance crazes. Feel comfortable knowing that your choice of selecting VIP DJs will guarantee you and your guests a good time.